For lost / stolen debit cards please call
662-252-4211, 662-252-1341, or 800-523-4175
ATM & Debit Cards

The Unity Bank debit card can be used at our ATMs outside of our branches or at any ATM worldwide.

  • Get cash from checking and/or savings no more than $700.00 together.
  • Transfer from checking to savings and from savings to checking.
  • Get information about account balances.

The Unity Bank debit card is accepted anywhere Visa is accepted. It gives you a fast, more economical, more convenient way to buy the products and services you need. That’s because it allows you to withdraw funds from your primary checking account without ever having to write a check. Contact us or visit one of our local branches for your debit card today.

Instant Issue Debit Cards

Unity Bank offers “Instant Issue” debit cards to current and new customers. New customers have the option to instantly receive a debit card tied to their new account for a small nominal fee.
Are you a current customer with a debit card that is getting worn, cracked, and possibly not processing on the first swipe?? Come in today for an instant replacement card at an even smaller fee. For more details, please contact a customer service representative during normal business hours.

Lost or Stolen Debit Cards

Please report lost or stolen debit cards immediately to any branch of Unity Bank. If you are unable to reach a person at our offices and/or it is after business hours, please call 800-523-4175 for assistance.

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Unity Bank of Mississippi is committed to giving our customers an advanced banking experience without losing our community touch. We are here for you every step of your financial journey.